Monday, April 9, 2012

Autism Blue

First thing's first: just 1 more follower needed until a super amazing give-away!!!

Now, April is autism awareness month. I am looking to get my masters in Special Education and this is something close to my heart. I'd like to do blue nails at least once a week this month in support.

This is China Glaze Blue Iguana. This was a birthday present from my wonderful boyfriend. The impressive thing about this polish is that is wasn't on my wish list, he saw it and thought I would like it. Boy was he right! I wore this for FOUR DAYS with no art, that's how absolutely in love with this color I am.

This is an electric blue with blue and purple shimmers. It does require 3-coats, but the formula was the perfect consistency. LOVE LOVE LOVE


  1. thats a great Idea I was actually doing the 30 day challenge and I Just couldnt I was getting burnt out but once every week isn't so bad.

    Love the color its gorgeous!!!!! Love that you bf got it for you its so cute!

    1. Yeah, if I do my nails every day they begin to hate me, so I try for 3 posts a week, and since I don't have enough blues for every post to be blue I figured once a week would be nice.

  2. This is one of my favorite blues!! I really like your blog so I linked you in the Liebster Blog Award here:

  3. What a pretty shade of blue! Reminds me of a sparkling pool in the sun.