Sunday, October 7, 2012


It's not an optical illusion friends, I'm back! (maybe). Now for the excuses: The biggest thing is I started a new job and I'm exhausted. Bigger than that it is mostly dark when I leave in the morning and mostly dark when I come home at night. I'm having trouble taking good pictures. I haven't stopped doing my nails though!

My job is also a little rough on my nails. I type away all day, so please excuse the tip wear you are going to see!

With all that said... here are my nails:

This is China Glaze First Mate (a personal favorite, an easy 2-coater, and such a rich color!) with Orly Luxe stamped anchors from plate SH09. I then stamped China Glaze Blue Iguana. Over the whole thing.

I absolutely adore how this turned out!!

Eek thump tip wear!

I think the ring finger is my favorite.

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