Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh noes! You are gonna see my face!

I don't wear make up, not unless I'm going to a wedding or a funeral. I've recently decided to start wearing it more often, but then I realized that I haven't worn it since high school, so I have no idea what I'm doing.

Since I'm sure some of you lovely ladies know how to make pretty faces I thought you could help. I bought tinted moisturizer at Clinique yesterday (shade 02, not 01, victory!). I know I need a brush.

Now I need everything else. I want like a 5-minute face for everyday and maybe something a little nicer for when I go out.

Very pale, brown hair, dark blue eyes. Pictures here, no makeup in any of them. Any ideas very very welcome.


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  1. Here is what I think would work for you. First use tinted moisturizer, then maybe a little powder or a powdered bronzer. Some light shimmery eyeshadow that's gold or silver. A little mascara, brown black or black. A little bit of gloss, maybe a light pink or a coral color.